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A.O. Smith Parts: Shipping Guidelines

  • Lead Time: An A.O. Smith drop-ship order is shipped directly to the customer from one of A.O. Smith's facilities. Although they have thousands of parts in their catalog, we see the majority of A.O. Smith drop-ship orders leave their facility within a day or two of when the order is submitted. However, the lead time for some items might be longer due to A.O. Smith's stock status for those particular parts. If your need is urgent, always ask about lead time first before placing your order.

  • Method of Shipment: All A.O. Smith drop-ship orders ship by UPS Ground. Once shipped, UPS Ground service could be as short as one day to as long as one week, depending on the customer's location. Most A.O. Smith orders ship from their main plant in Tennessee.

  • Tracking: We have A.O. Smith use our UPS account for our customers' orders. We have the ability to monitor our UPS account and provide tracking numbers to customers when they come available.

  • Back Orders: We strive to check on our customers' orders if they have not shipped in a realistic time frame. If one of our customers asks for an update on their A.O. Smith drop-ship order, we will promptly contact our A.O. Smith rep and get an update for our customer.

  • Customer Expectations: We appreciate that customers may be without heat or hot water, and that there is a sense of urgency for them to receive their order. However, the reality is that some parts take longer than others. Unfortunately, we can't make a part that is out of stock (or taking longer than hoped) get there any faster. We promise to be an active advocate for our customers to get answers, and to get their orders as quickly as possible.

  • Why Order from JupiterHeating.com: We are able to be reached, and you are able to be helped. We process all orders in a prompt manner, we let customers know when orders have shipped, and we push to get answers when we need to push.