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Bock Water Heater Shipping Quote

Please allow us time to get freight estimates and get back to you with your options. For cost and handling it is generally advisable to have water heater tanks sent to a commercial location instead of to a residential location. Please answer as completely as possible so we can get you the best rate for your needs.

Bock unit you are interested in purchasing:
Please provide model or SKU number in the field below. If you are debating between two different models, or you are considering buying a complete unit (tank, burner and controls) or just a replacement tank (tank only), feel free to let us know your situation so we can best help you.


Commercial or Residential Delivery:
Carriers charge a premium for residential delivery. Please note that carriers rate schools, hotels, military bases, and home-based business as residential services. ("Commercial" is less expensive than "Residential").



Handling Options:
Customer is responsible for getting unit into building. This option designates if the truck needs to have a lift gate to lower the unit down to the ground off the back of the trailer. If your location has a dock, or you have equipment to get the unit off the back of the truck, you don't need a lift gate. ("Do Not Need Lift Gate" is less expensive than "Need Lift Gate").

Need Lift Gate
Do Not Need Lift Gate


Receiving Options:
Is someone there during normal business hours, or will an appointment need to be scheduled? ("No Appointment Needed" is less expensive than "Need Appointment Scheduled.")

Need Appointment Scheduled

No Appointment Needed

Delivery Hours
If no appointment is needed and someone is there during normal business hours, please let us know your hours below.


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