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Bock Glass-Lined Storage Tanks

Bock Storage Tank

Every Bock water heater starts with a Bock storage tank. Their quality craftsmanship begins here. Doesn't it make sense that the best constructed water heater would start with the best constructed tank?

  • C-GlassŪ - Durable and exclusive porcelain enamel glass is used to line all tanks and. Highly resistant to aggressive water. Fresh silica mixed daily to provide the highest quality.
  • Built to last - Hand-crafted from heavy gauge steel. Longer life equals a higher "Return on Investment".
  • Dual magnesium anode rods - Inhibit corrosion and maximize tank life. Electrolysis attacks the anode rods, not the welded seams of the tank.
  • Double pressure tested - Only Bock pressure tests its tanks twice.
  • 2" Non-CFC foam insulation - decreases standby heat loss.
  • Brass drain valve - Accessible, tamper-proof.
  • 150 psi
  • Metal jacket - Standard on all vertical storage tanks.
  • 5 year limited warranty - on steel tank.
  • For your safety (and to comply with the warranty), have all water heater installations and Repairs completed by a licensed and insured contractor.
  • ASME Storage Tanks available
  • Manufacturers may change product specifications and information at any time without notice.  For additional information, please visit the manufacturer's web site.
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Bock 30ST 30 Gallon Storage Tank
20" diameter, 39-1/2" height
Weight 145 lb.
$845.00 Get shipping quote.
Bock 50ST 50 Gallon Storage Tank
22" diameter, 48-1/2" height
Weight 195 lb.
$915.00 Get shipping quote.
Bock 80ST 80 Gallon Storage Tank
28" diameter, 65-1/2" height
Weight 240 lb.
$1,235.00 Get shipping quote.
Bock 119ST-2 119 Gallon Storage Tank (2 inch)
28" diameter, 65-1/2" height
Weight 350 lb.
$1,565.00 Get shipping quote.
Bock 119ST-2.5 119 Gallon Storage Tank (2.5 inch)
28" diameter, 65-1/2" height
Weight 350 lb.
$1,575.00 Get shipping quote.


Bock Water Heaters

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