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Bock EnviroStor Solar Indirect Water Heater

Photo of Bock Coil Tank Water Heater

Bock’s EnviroStor Solar Water Heater features a high-capacity 1.5 in. Internal Coil Heat Exchanger. The unit includes an optional 4500W supplemental electric heating element and second coil heat exchanger for auxiliary heat source.

  • C-GlassŪ - Porcelain fused-to-steel is impervious to chlorine and causitcs -- the ideal water vessel.
  • 50 to 119 gallon capacities
  • 4500W electric heating element
  • 1 in. NPT connections
  • 2 in. Non-CFC zero ozone deplating foam insulation
  • Steel exterior with powder coat finish
  • Two magnesium anodes
  • Factory-installed brass drain valve and T&P Valve
  • Precision manufactured tank - high quality steel to assure strength and durability
  • 6-year tank and heat exchanger warranty for residential applications, three years for non-residential applications.
  • Manufacturers may change product specifications and information at any time without notice.  For additional information, please visit the manufacturer's web site.
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Bock 50SKE Solar Indirect Water Heater
45 gallons, 1 coil
With Electric element
22 in. x 48-1/4 in., 245 lb.
Bock 80SKE Solar Indirect Water Heater
75 gallons, 1 coil
With Electric element
22 in. x 64 in., 320 lb.
Bock 80SKDC Solar Indirect Water Heater
73 gallons, 2 coils
24 in. x 64 in., 350 lb.
Bock 80SKDCE Solar Indirect Water Heater
73 gallons, 2 coils
With Electric element
24 in. x 64 in., 360 lb.
Bock 119SKE Solar Indirect Water Heater
110 gallons, 1 coil
With Electric element
28 in. x 65 in., 390 lb.
Bock 119SKDC Solar Indirect Water Heater
108 gallons, 2 coils
28 in. x 65 in., 420 lb.
Bock 119SKDCE Solar Indirect Water Heater
108 gallons, 2 coils
With Electric element
28 in. x 65 in., 430 lb.


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Bock Water Heaters

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