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Munchkin Display Board for 925 Controller, part # 7250P-332

Munchkin Display Board 7250P-332

This is a regular stock item, and will generally ship out the same day or the next business day (depending on the time of day the order is received.) If an item is out of stock we will notify you of the estimated delivery time.

This is the display unit for Munchkin Boilers with a 925 Control Board (generally manufactured from 11/02/02 - 6/30/08). This is the component that has an LED readout and reset button, and fastens to the actual Control Board.

Most people who have a bad 925 Control Board will order 7250P-731, which is a kit that includes a new board (upgraded to the 926 Control Board) and this display.

This display board for a 925 Controller is usually only replaced if the customer is keeping their original 925 Control Board (and it is still working properly), but their display is no longer functioning. As indicated above, if you are having controller problems, you more than likely need to replace the actual board.


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Munchkin 925 Control Display Board (Includes Ribbon Cable)


Determining the version of your Munchkin Boiler

  • Your boiler has a plate or sticker which tells you the model number, version, and serial number of your unit.

  • On our site, Pre-925 denotes units built prior to 11/02/02 having a Honeywell Control. It was the first version of the Munchkin boiler, and your serial number sticker/plate will list the model number with no version number after it. This unit was built before the 925 Controller with the digital readout. In short, if your display only has a reset button and no digital readout, you have this version.

  • R1 (Revision 1) denotes units built 11/02/02 - 12/19/06. Generally the sticker will show an R1 on the sticker after your model number. For example, 80M R1.

  • R2 (Revision 2) denotes units built after 12/20/06. Generally the sticker will show an R2 on the sticker after your model number. For example, 80M R1, or 80M ASME R2.

  • For wall-hung units (T50M & T80M), R1 units were built 11/02/02 - 1/3/07, and R2 units after 1/4/07.

  • Your serial number sticker should have the manufacture date printed right on it. If not, we can help you determine the manufacture date if you provide us your serial number.