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Parts for the Elite EL-299 Boiler

We are just getting into Elite Boiler parts. If you need a part not listed here, please Contact Us for price and availability.

This list is for parts specifically for the Elite EL-299 Boiler. If this is not your unit, please go to our main Munchkin Parts Page to find your unit.


  • 7250P-005: Munchkin Gasket for Spark Electrode and Flame Rectification Probe

  • 7250P-019: Eco/High Limit

  • 7250P-069: Screw for Spark Electrode and Flame Rectification Probe

  • 7250P-080: Relief Valve :30 PSI, 510,000 BTU

  • 7250P-096: Water Pressure Switch (Identifiable by Blue Dot)

  • 7250P-160: Ceramic Target Wall

  • 7250P-211: Temperature / Pressure Gauge - 60 PSI

  • 7250P-219: Relief Valve 125 PSI, 200,000 BTU

  • 7250P-378: Control Board Fuse, 110 Volt, 6.3 AMPS

  • 7250P-499: Temperature / Pressure Gauge - 200 PSI

  • 7250P-667: Thermistor

  • 7350P-020: Spark Electrode (with Gasket)