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Astro-Shield I Reflective Insulation


This page is for ordering Astro-Shield I reflective insulation. Links to variations of this product are available at the bottom of the page.

AstroShield, an improved version of the product previously known as Astro Foil, is a line of reflective insulation products featuring polyethylene bubble film sandwiched between two protective sheets of strong metalized aluminum polyester film. This metalized aluminum film provides a reflective surface that blocks 94 percent of radiant heat, unlike fiberglass, foam or cellulose insulation, which absorb heat. When materials absorb heat, they merely slow down its transfer. AstroShield can dramatically improve thermal performance and energy efficiency, keeping energy costs lower and interior spaces more comfortable.

Product Features:

  • Cuts energy consumption and costs
  • Improves interior comfort
  • Lightweight; easy and safe to install
  • Reduces condensation
  • Class A / Class 1 fire rating
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • Available in numerous stock sizes. Links to other types of Astro-Shield products are at the bottom of this page.
  • Applications: Industrial & Commercial; Residential & Do-It-Yourself; Agricultural; Automotive; HVAC
  • Install AstroShield in or around:
    • exterior walls in post-frame and pre-engineered metal buildings
    • crawl spaces and attics
    • purlins and girts
    • bottom of trusses and exposed ceilings
    • HVAC ducts
    • garage doors and water heaters
    • any insulation need in space-constricted applications
  • We can ship stock items within 24 hours
  • Read more information about Astro-Shield, including technical specifications and an installation guide.
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    • Astro-Foil Suggested Applications ( KB Adobe PDF)


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Astro-Shield I - Standard Rolls
(MPET/Bubble/MPET) - 3/16" Thick

Astro-Shield I Reflective Insulation
One Roll 48 in. x 125 ft. Roll
Approx. 500 sq. ft.
Astro-Shield I Reflective Insulation
One Roll 72 in. x 125 ft. Roll
Approx. 750 sq. ft.

This product is also available in the following versions:

  • AstroShield II: Two layers of bubble film between two sheets of metalized film. Choose between Standard Rolls or Tabbed Rolls.
  • AstroShield White I: One layer of bubble film with metalized aluminum film on one side and white sheet on the other for clean, streamlined matte appearance. Standard Rolls.
  • AstroShield White II: Two layers of bubble film with metalized aluminum film on one side and white sheet for clean, streamlined, matte appearance on the other. Standard Rolls.



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