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Slant/Fin Caravan Steam Modular Boiler, GXHT and GXH Series

Slant/Fin Caravan GGT GGHT Series

A Caravan modular boiler system is the smart way to heat your building. It's easy to size a system to your individual heating requirements, or to add to the system later should your needs change. By step-firing just enough modules to meet demand. Caravans are cast iron's answer to modulating boilers and will increase the efficiency of the entire system.

Product Features:

  • Type: Cast Iron
  • Fuel: Natural Gas; for Propane (LP), consult with Slant/Fin.
  • System: Steam
  • Standard Equipment (one per module):
  • Pre-assembled heat exchanger
  • Insulated base
  • Heavy-duty extended jacket
  • Flue collector, atmospheric stainless steel gas burner, gas orifice and manifold assembly
  • Combination gas valve including manual shut-off, pressure regulator, pilot aojustrnent and i 00% shut-off
  • Module pressure gauge and siphon (unmounted)
  • System pressure gauge (unmounted)
  • Water level sight glass (unmounted)
  • Steam pressure relief valve ASME 15 psi (unmounted)
  • Draft hood (unmounted)
  • Drain cock (unmounted)
  • ASME trade price also includes: MM PS-802 low water cut-off (one per module), PA404A pressure control (unmounted, one per module)
  • Series are for use with natural gas. For propane (LP) consult Slant/Fin
  • Optional Equipment:
    • ASME REQUIRED SYSTEM CONTROLS (one per bank) order separately - 67M Manual reset system low water cut-off, L4079B Manual reset system pressure control
    • Siphon for pressuretrol
    • Pump control
    • Vent damper
    • Headers for steam systems are not furnished by Slant/Fin
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Intermittent Pilot Ignition (IID) Models

Contact us for pricing.


Model and Specifications: Please contact us for price and availability.


  • Number of GXH-300HEZ Modules: 2
  • C.S.A Input: 600,000 BTU
  • Gross Output: 478,000 BTU
  • Net AHRI Rating (Steam): 359,000 BTU
  • Net Rating (Steam) Sq. Ft.: 1,492
  • Shipping Weight: 1,075 lbs.
  • Thermal Efficiency: 79.7%



  • Number of GXH-300HEZ Modules: 3
  • C.S.A Input: 900,000 BTU
  • Gross Output: 717,000 BTU
  • Net AHRI Rating (Steam): 538,000 BTU
  • Net Rating (Steam) Sq. Ft.: 2,238
  • Shipping Weight: 1,595 lbs.
  • Thermal Efficiency: 79.7%


GXHT- 1 200HEZ

  • Number of GXH-300HEZ Modules: 4
  • C.S.A Input: 1,200,000 BTU
  • Gross Output: 956,000 BTU
  • Net AHRI Rating (Steam): 717,000 BTU
  • Net Rating (Steam) Sq. Ft.: 2,984
  • Shipping Weight: 2,115 lbs.
  • Thermal Efficiency: 79.7%



  • Number of GXH-300HEZ Modules: 5
  • C.S.A Input: 1,500,000 BTU
  • Gross Output: 1,195,000 BTU
  • Net AHRI Rating (Steam): 896,000 BTU
  • Net Rating (Steam) Sq. Ft.: 3,730
  • Shipping Weight: 2,635 lbs.
  • Thermal Efficiency: 79.7%



Single Module

Model and Specifications: Please contact us for price and availability.


  • C.S.A Input: 300,000 BTU
  • Gross Output: 239,000 BTU
  • Net AHRI Rating (Steam): 182,000 BTU
  • Net Rating (Steam) Sq. Ft.: 746
  • Shipping Weight: 538 lbs.
  • Thermal Efficiency: 79.7%




  • Net AHRI ratings are based on piping and pick-up allowance of 1.33. Slant/Fin should be consulted before selecting a boiler for installation having unusual piping and/or pick-up requirements. Ratings must be reduced by 4% at 2,000 feet elevation and an additional 4% for every additional 1,000 feet elevation over 2,000 feet.
  • Net ratings in square feet based on emission rate of 240 Btuh/sq. ft. steam temperature.
  • Modules in excess of 5 snould be piped in parallel in two or more batteries.