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Slant/Fin Galaxy GXH Gas-Fired Hot Water Boiler, with Vent Damper

Slant/Fin Galaxy Hot Water Boiler

  • Packaged boiler with tankless water heater
  • Fuel: Natural Gas or Propane (please specify at time of order)
  • System: Hot Water
  • Capacity: 105 - 190 MBH
  • Up to 82.5% AFUE
  • Pre-assemblied cast-iron heat exchanger with built-in air separator
  • Intermittent pilot
  • Motorized vent damper
  • 25 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
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With Intermittent Pilot and Vent Damper

Galaxy GXH-100EDPT: Gas-Fired Hot Water Boiler
105,000 BTU C.S.A. Input
87,000 BTU D.O.E. Capacity
AFUE: 82.50%


Galaxy GXH-125EDPT: Gas-Fired Hot Water Boiler
126,000 BTU C.S.A. Input
104,000 BTU D.O.E. Capacity
AFUE: 82.50%

Galaxy GXH-150EDPT: Gas-Fired Hot Water Boiler
147,000 BTU C.S.A. Input
122,000 BTU D.O.E. Capacity
AFUE: 82.50%
Galaxy GXH-170EDPT: Gas-Fired Hot Water Boiler
168,000 BTU C.S.A. Input
140,000 BTU D.O.E. Capacity
AFUE: 82.50%
Galaxy GXH-190EDPT: Gas-Fired Hot Water Boiler
189,000 BTU C.S.A. Input
158,000 BTU D.O.E. Capacity
AFUE: 82.50%

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