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Slant Fin Sentinel Cast-Iron Gas Boiler - SE Series


Fuel: Natural Gas or LP (Shipped as NG unless LP is specified by customer at time of sale)
Type system:
Hot water
Capacity: 5 sizes, 70 - 210 MBH Input
Efficiency: up to AFUE 82.3%

The Sentinel boileris a hot water boiler heating system with a heat exchanger which has for years been a “workhorse” of the heating industry, in boilers chosen by heating contractors for performance and reliability.

The boiler heats quickly, sending warmth to radiators throughout your home within moments of your thermostat’s call for heat. When the Sentinel boiler is operating, combustion air enters the boiler and exhaust is expelled up the chimney by natural draft. No mechanical combustion aids are required for the boiler to attain its high efficiency. With fewer components, there’s less chance of losing your heat because of part failure.

The Metal Push used will expand and contract with the individual boiler sections that they connect which avoid leaks.


  • Easy installation and reliable operation that natural draft design provides
  • Intermittent ignition
  • High performance cast-iron heat exchanger
  • Specially shaped thermal pins promoting efficient heat transfer
  • Assembled with only durable metal push nipples
  • No mechanical combustion aids are required
  • Special port Special portconstruction will not permit flame to “lift” or flash back
  • 25 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Standard features are listed below
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Natural Gas, Intermittent Pilot Ignition
Slant Fin SE-70EDP Boiler
70,000 BTU Input
58,000 BTU DOE Capacity
82% AFUE Efficiency
Slant Fin SE-105EDP Boiler
105,000 BTU Input
87,000 BTU DOE Capacity
82.1% AFUE Efficiency
Slant Fin SE-140EDP Boiler
140,000 BTU AGA Input
116,000 BTU DOE Capacity
82.2% AFUE Efficiency
Slant Fin SE-175EDP Boiler
175,000 BTU Input
145,000 BTU DOE Capacity
82.2% AFUE Efficiency
Slant Fin SE-210EDP Boiler
210,000 BTU Input
173,000 BTU DOE Capacity
82.3% AFUE Efficiency
Propane (LP) - Installed at factory at time of sale
Optional Propane Conversion
No Charge

Standard Equipment

  • Pre-assembed cast-iron heat exchanger with built-in air separator
  • Insulated base
  • Pre-assembled insulated flush jacket
  • External draft hood (SE-70 through SE-175 packed in crate)
  • Stainless steel gas burners, gas orifices and manifold assembly
  • Combination gas valve, including manual shut-off, pressure regulator, pilot adjustment
  • Intermittent pilot ignition system
  • Pressure and temperature guage
  • Pressure relief valve (ASME) 30 psi
  • Two-way combination control (hi-limit and circulator relay)
  • Circulator, Taco 007, with 1-1/4 in. flange
  • Drain cock
  • Blocked vent safety switch -- unmounted
  • Rollout Safety Switch

Control Features

  • Thermal targeting technology to conserve fuel
  • LWCO function -- Auto or manual reset
  • Thermal pre-purge option
  • LED display for operational info
  • Circulator relay -- three funtion option
  • Outdoor reset optional


*IMPORTANT:  By purchasing this boiler from JupiterHeating.com, the customer is agreeing that the unit will be installed by a licensed, professional heating contractor; that the customer and installer will follow all local zoning regulations, as well as all manufacturer's installation instructions, policies, and warranty requirements; and that the customer has read and understood JupiterHeating.com's Terms of Sale.

Shipping for unit is $300 to anywhere in the continental United States (multiple units are shipped at no additional charge).  The rate is based on residential delivery. Shipping savings may by possible for commercial delivery. Contact Us for a custom shipping quote if any of those situations apply, or if you are located outside the continental United States.

Model No.

Ratings for Natural and L.P. Propane Gases

Efficiency (A.F.U.E.)

Vent Size Nominal Dia.

A.G.A. Input (MBH)

D.O.E. Capacity (Btuh)

Net I=B=R (MBH)

Net Rating (sq ft)

Intermittent Ignition "EDP"

Standing Pilot "DP"

SE-70 70 58,000 50 333 82.0 81.5 4"
SE-105 105 87,000 76 507 82.1 81.6 5"
SE-140 140 116,000 101 673 82.2 81.7 5"
SE-175 175 145,000 126 840 82.2 81.7 6"
SE-210 210 173,000 150 1000 82.3 81.8 7"
SE-245 245 202,000 176 1173 82.3
81.8 7"

Information Source: Slant/Fin Boilers.