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Watts Radiant Electric Floor Warming Thermostats and Accessories

NOTE: Availability for the Watts product line varies on the item and season. Lead time for non-stock items is generally 2 weeks. If your need is urgent, please Contact Us to check on availability for these products.


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Extra SunStat Sensor
Weight: 1 lb
Model#: 500110HW
Order#: 81010277
LoudMouth Monitor
Weight: 2 lb
Model#: 423250HW
Order#: 81008886
Extra Double-Sided Tape
Weight: .6lb./roll
Model#: 423275HW
Order#: 81008889
CableStrap / 25 ft. Roll
Weight: 3 lb
Model#: 321301HW
Order#: 81008890
CableTrowel, 3/8 in. x 1/2 in. Deep Notches
Weight: 1 lb
Model#: 300400HW
Order#: 81008891
Heating Wire Repair Kit, 1 Repair
Weight: 1 lb
Model#: 200299HW
Order#: 81008892