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Parts List: A.O. Smith FCG-100, Series 245

  • Links are included to the parts that are available to be purchased.
  • Parts that are not listed in the chart are either discontinued by AO Smith or are not available for purchase.
  • The item number in the first column corresponds to the location of the part in the line art drawing below the chart.
Item Description
Series 245
1 Anode Rod, Aluminum Alloy N/A
1 Anode Rod, Magnesium, for Code SMR S19 183463-48 (new # 100108660)
4 Burner, Cast Iron N/A
4 Burner, Steel 194549 (new # 100109086)
26 Tube, Inlet 183712 (new # 100111461)
28 Valve, Relief - T & P 76527-3 (replaced with 100109259)
- The manufacturer may change part numbers and availability at any time.



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