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Bock Oil Water Heater

Providing quality in construction, efficiency in performance and durability in operation has earned Bock Oil-Fired Water Heaters a bit of a reputation: they're recognized as the leader in oil-fired water heaters.

  • Turboflue® - Bock's patented design is the industry's most advanced and efficient heat exchanger. Simply put, it heats water faster and uses less fuel, which reduces energy costs. Read more about Turboflue® at the bottom of this page.
  • C-Glass® - Durable and exclusive porcelain enamel glass is used to line all tanks and Turboflues. Highly resistant to aggressive water. Fresh silica mixed daily to provide the highest quality.
  • Built to last - Hand-crafted from heavy gauge steel. Longer life equals a higher "Return on Investment".
  • Dual magnesium anode rods - Inhibit corrosion and maximize tank life. Electrolysis attacks the anode rods, not the welded seams of the tank.
  • Double pressure tested - Only Bock pressure tests its tanks twice.
  • Fully welded tank skirt - prevents noxious flue gases from escaping between the tank and jacket.
  • Center flue design - reduces tank flex for longer life.
  • Fiberglass insulation - decreases standby heat loss.
  • Accurate temperature control - Only Bock offers dual aquastats or operating and high limits, as standard.
  • Spring loaded inspection door - Easy access for inspection and maintenance, also functions as a pressure relief valve.
  • Brass drain valve - Accessible, tamper-proof.
  • Factory installed T&P valve - CSA listed.
  • Hand-cast refractory lined combustion chamber - Only one in the industry - better heat retention, warmer starts, better combustion, reduces noxious emissions.
  • UL listed.
  • ASME construction available on selected models.
  • Externally mounted burner - provides easy installation and maintenance.
  • 5 year limited warranty on steel tank (single family residential installations) for models 32E, 33E, 40E, 50ES, 51E and 71E; 3-year limited warranty for commercial and other applications. Tanks for models 72E through 541E have a 3-year limited warranty. Warranty coverage is defined in the installation and operation manual.
  • Supplied with Carlin Burner.
  • All Bock Water Heaters require field setup and adjustment using combustion testing equipment per NFPA Standards (Read notice at the bottom of this page).
  • Two stage pumps standard on Models 241E through 541E.
  • Manufacturers may change product specifications and information at any time without notice.  For additional information, please visit the manufacturer's web site.
  • Read a lengthy list of Frequently Asked Questions about Bock Water Heaters, as well help on removing water heater anode rods.
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SHIPPING CHARGES: Commercial deliveries are always less expensive than residential deliveries with lift gate. Our shopping cart assumes residential delivery with appointment and lift gate, and are capped at $300.00 (which includes freight insurance). If the unit is shipping to a commercial location, or you don't need a lift gate, or you want to pick it up at Will Call at the freight terminal, savings on shipping are possible. Please Contact Us for a custom shipping quote, and we will see if we can get a shipping quote less for than $300.00.

To order a Bock tank without the burner and controls, go to Bock Replacement "Tank Only" Prices


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Bock 32E Oil Fired Water Heater
32 Gallon

104,000 BTU
Recovery: 112 gal./hr. @ 90°F Rise
20 in. D x 51 in. H
Shipping Wgt. 255 lb.
Bock 32PPC Oil Fired Water Heater
32 Gallon

104,000 BTU
Recovery: 112 gal./hr. @ 90°F Rise
20 in. D x 51 in. H
Foam Insulated
Shipping Wgt. 255 lb.
Bock 33E Oil Fired Water Heater
33 Gallon

104,000 BTU
Recovery: 112 gal./hr. @ 90°F Rise
34 in. D x 43-1/4 in. H
Shipping Wt. 265 lb.
Bock 50ES Oil-Fired Water Heater
50 Gallon

140,000 BTU
Recovery: 151 gal./hr. @ 90°F Rise
26 in. D x 52 in. H
Shipping Wt. 335 lb.
Bock 51EC Oil Fired Water Heater
50 Gallon

152,000 BTU
Recovery: 167 gal./hr. @ 90°F Rise
24 in. D x 59 in. H
Shipping Wt. 320 lb.
Bock 51PPC Oil Fired Water Heater
50 Gallon

Foam insulated
152,000 BTU
Recovery: 167 gal./hr. @ 90°F Rise
24 in. D x 59 in. H
Shipping Wt. 330 lb.
Bock 72E Oil Fired Water Heater
68 Gallon

199,000 BTU
Recovery: 215 gal./hr. @ 90°F Rise
28 in. D x 58 in. H
Shipping Wt. 550 lb.
Bock 120E Oil-Fired Water Heater
119 Gallon

154,000 BTU
Recovery: 166 gal./hr. @ 90°F Rise
31-1/2 in. D x 67 in. H
Shipping Wt. 690 lb.
Bock 361E Oil Fired Water Heater
91 Gallon

415,000 BTU
Recovery: 436 gal./hr. @ 90°F Rise
31-1/2 in. D x 67 in. H
Shipping Wt. 1,105 lb.
Bock 541E Oil Fired Water Heater
83 Gallon

623,000 BTU
Recovery: 654 gal./hr. @ 90°F Rise
34 in. D x 66 in. H
Shipping Wt. 1,330 lb.
Bock 541E Oil Fired Water Heater
83 Gallon, ASME Certification

623,000 BTU
Recovery: 654 gal./hr. @ 90°F Rise
34 in. D x 66 in. H
Shipping Wt. 1,340 lb.

Bock Replacement Tanks & Others Options:

To order just a tank without the burner and controls, go to:
Bock Replacement Tank Prices


IMPORTANT:  By purchasing this water heater from JupiterHeating.com, the customer is agreeing that the unit will be installed by a licensed, professional heating contractor; that the customer and installer will follow all local zoning regulations, as well as all manufacturer's installation instructions, policies, and warranty requirements; and that the customer has read and understood JupiterHeating.com's Terms of Sale.


Bock Water Heater's TurboFlue® - Unique Design, Patented Results

TURBOFLUE® is the most advanced heat exchanger throughout the industry. This patented multi-finned heat exchanger minimizes waste heat, transferring it to water for greater efficiency and higher energy savings.

TURBOFLUE® has been in every gas and oil heater Bock Water Heaters has manufactured since it received its second patent in 1960. Bock uses C-GLASS, an exceptionally high-quality porcelain enamel lining that exceeds industry standards by 53% and two (or more) large magnesium anode rods in each heater.

Choosing a Bock water heater is easy. They make custom water heaters to meet your requirements. There are many sizes, features and options to choose from. They may also be installed in a series for high water demands.

TuboflueTURBOFLUE® - Only Bock Water Heaters have it! The Turboflue® transfers more than twice as much heat as a bare tube with baffle. Bock continues to be the leading manufacturer of water heaters because of this incredible invention. The patented Turboflue® fins extend two-thirds up the length of the flue from the lower end - the lower fins are placed in the flue, the better the heater will function. This multi-firmed configuration is tightly welded to perfection. It allows the water to heat much faster using less fuel. Because this is extremely efficient, the heat loss is minimal and the standby losses are reduced significantly: Lower exhaust temperature by 200° - 400° over competitors models of similar input. Bock uses heavy, 12 gauge steel in all waters heaters.

Bock's PowerPlus water heaters are installed with high efficiency burners and foam insulation providing ultimate performance when you need it. These are the highest efficiency ratings in the industry.

Balanced Combustion SystemBurner Field Setup and Adjustment Notice for Bock Water Heaters

Water heaters require field setup and adjustment using proper combustion testing equipment. Although the primary air for combustion is preset for the appropriate firing rate at the factory, this setting is only a starting point and fine-turning is required when the burner is placed into service. The combustion testing of all burners is essential at the time of startup in order to insure the equipment is operating in a safe and efficient manner. It should be noted that combustion testing is required under NFPA Standard 31 for oil-fired burners, and NFPA 54 for gar-fired units. This the responsibility of a licensed installer.

If these units are not properly set up and adjusted on startup, the customer can experience nuisance safety lockout conditions. Other conditions such as improper combustion can result in equipment damage, property damage, excessive levels of combustion by-products (CO- Carbon Monoxide, CO2 - Carbon Dioxide, NOX - Nitrous Oxide) as well as smoke and soot. All of which are both harmful to the occupants and the environment.

Should a customer require technical support or have a warranty issue with the fuel burning equipment, we suggest that they contact the burner manufacturer directly in order to save time in resolving any issues they may have.

Bock Water Heaters

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