Radiant Design Services

It probably would be easier if you just let us figure out what you need.

Thank you for your interest in our boilers and radiant systems. In order to properly size a boiler and to determine the materials you need for a radiant floor system, a heat loss and design plan would need to be completed. What happens is that you provide us a print of your home, and we use computer software to accurately determine the BTU heat loss of the structure and also the layout of the radiant system.

Customarily we have an upfront design charge of 5 cents per square foot; we then give you the design plan (which includes the parts list) which you can use to purchase your supplies from us (or any other vendor of your choice). If you decide to purchase the materials from us, we will then credit the design charges to the stock order.

So in essence the design charge ends up being free. To get started, please complete the following radiant zone worsheet and fax or email it back to us.