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Parts for the Munchkin Contender MC120 Boiler

  • Use the chart below to find the part you need to order. Click on the underlined link to go directly to the part's page for pricing and ordering.
  • Match the Item # on the chart with the same Item # indicated on one of the three line art diagrams below the chart.
  • Items not currently for sale on our site are listed at the very bottom of the page. Please Contact Us for price and availability.


Expanded View (Diagram 1)

Item # Description Part #
1 Composite Module 7500P-014
2 Ceramic Target Wall 7250P-160
3 Burner Door Ceramic Refractory 7500P-076
4 Burner Door 7500P-078
6 Burner 7500P-017
7 Gasket (Burner) 7500P-074
10 Gasket (Flame Rectification Probe/Spark Electrode) 7250P-005
11 Flame Rectification Probe (with Gasket) 7500P-039
12 Spark Electrode (with Gasket) 7350P-020
13 Screw M4 x 8 MM (Flame Rectification Probe/Spark Electrode) 7250P-069
14 Gasket (Air Channel to Combustion Blower) 7500P-075
15 Combustion Blower Motor (with Screws) Old # 7500P-195, new # 7500P-031
17 Gas Valve Adapter Plate (with Screws) 7250P-644
18 Screws M4 X 12MM (Gas Valve Adapter Plate) 7500P-105
19 Air Intake Adapter - Blower Side 7500P-184
20 Gas Valve Swirl Plate 7500P-093
21 Air Intake Adapter 7500P-185
22 Gas Valve (with Swirl Plate, Screws) 7500P-180
23 Screw M4 x 25MM (Gas Valve) 7250P-718
24 O-Ring (Gas Valve Piping Assembly) 7500P-094
26 Screws M5 x 12MM (Gas Valve Piping Assembly) 7500P-099
  Natural Gas to Propane Gas Conversion Kit (not shown) 7250P-714
  Propane to Natural Gas Conversion Kit (not shown) 7250P-715
  See Accessories - PC connection, vent kits, mesh screens, etc.  

Side / Piping View (Diagram 2)

Item # Description Part #
33 Flue ECO (with O-Ring) 7250P-739
36 Water Pressure Switch (with O-Ring) 7250P-081
37 O-Ring (Water Pressure Switch) 7500P-100
39 Water Pressure Switch Adapter (with O-Ring) 7500P-003
40 O-Ring (Water Pressure Switch Adapter) 7500P-124
41 Water Pressure Switch Clip 7500P-077
42 Supply/Return Manifold Clip 7500P-080
43 O-Ring (Supply/Return Manifold) 7500P-026
44 Thermistor 7250P-059
45 High Limit Sensor 7500P-033
46 Relief Valve 7250P-080
  High Pressure Relief Valve 7250P-219
47 Supply Manifold Assembly (with O-Ring) 7500P-029
48 Return Manifold Assembly (with O-Ring) 7500P-030
49 Temperature / Pressure Gauge 7500P-098
  High Pressure Temperature / Pressure Gauge 7450P-222

Bottom / Control Board View (Diagram 3)

Item # Description Part #
61 Blocked Vent Pressure Switch 7250P-150
63 926 Control Board (with Fuse)
- For units built after July, 2008, or if the board has been previously upgraded from 925 to 926
  926 Control Board Upgrade Kit
(Includes 926 Control Board (with Fuse) 7350P-008, Display Card and Ribbon Cable 7350P-009, Spark Cable 7250P-653, Hold Down Clips 7250P-352)
- For units with existing 925 Control Board (built prior to July, 2008), or to purchase all control board components in one kit.
64 9 Pin Wiring Harness Old 7500P-301, new # 7500P-054
  5 Pin Wiring Harness 7500P-055
65 Low Voltage Wiring Harness 7500P-053
76 Condensate Cup (with Overflow Switch) 7500P-090
77 926 Display (Card and Ribbon Cable) 7350P-009
  925 Display (Card and Front Panel) 7500P-058


Expanded View (Diagram 1)

Contender Parts List


Side / Piping View (Diagram 2)


Contender Parts List - Piping


Bottom / Control Board View (Diagram 3):


Contender Parts List - Side View


Misc. Parts for the Munchkin Contender MC120 Boiler

  • Items not currently for sale on our site are listed below. If you need one of these parts, please Contact Us for price and availability.
  • Many of the items can be picked up at a local hardware store.


Expanded View (Diagram 1)
Item # Description Part #
5 Nuts - M6 (Burner Door) 7500P-067
8 Air/Gas Channel (with Torx Screws) 7500P-079
9 Torx Screw (Air/Gas Channel) 7500P-068
16 Screws M5 X 12MM (Combustion Blower) 7250P-478
25 Gas Valve Piping Assembly (with O-Ring, Screws) 7500P-095
27 2 in. Flex Hose - 25 in. Long 7500P-189
28 24VAC Gas Valve Coil Only - Grey 7350P-624
Side / Piping View (Diagram 2)
Item # Description Part #
31 Conentric Flue Outlet Assembly 7500P-020
32 Gasket (Concentric Flue Outlet) 7500P-008
34 O-Ring (Barbed Fitting & Pressure Switch) 7250P-152
35 S.S. Barbed Fitting (with O-Ring) 7250P-154
38 Clear Tubing 3/16 ID X 5/16 OD 7000P-805
50 Flow Switch 7250P-517
51 1-1/4 X 1-1/4 X 3/4 in. NPT Copper Tee N/A
Bottom / Control Board View (Diagram 3)
Item # Description Part #
62 Screws 8-32 X 3/8 (Blocked Vent Pressure Switch) 7500P-047
66 Screw # 6 X 14 (Control Board) 7500P-115
67 Clamp - Module to Bracket (with Screws) 7500P-073
68 Screw M6 (Clamp) 7500P-069
69 Nylon Hose Clamp 7250P-210
70 Condensate Hose (Clear) 7500P-057
71 Screw 8-32 X 3/8 (Filler / Gas Inlet Plate) 7500P-047
72 Supply / Return Filler Plate (with Screws) 7500P-023
73 Lip Style Grommet - 1 in. 7500P-050
74 Lip Style Grommet - 1/2 in. 7500P-049
75 Gas Inlet Plate 7500P-043
  Contender Cover 7500P-028


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