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Parts for Elite 199W Fire Tube Combi (Wall Mount)

  • Use the chart below to find the part you need to order. Click on the underlined link to go directly to the part's page for pricing and ordering.
  • Match the Item # on the chart with the same Item # indicated on one of the three line art diagrams below the chart.
  • Items not currently for sale on our site are listed at the very bottom of the page. Please Contact Us for price and availability.


Cabinet Replacement Parts (Diagram 1)

Item # Description Part #
20 Air Pressure Switch 7855P-262
22 Display Panel 7855P-012
24 Ignition Transformer 7855P-007
25 Universal Control Board FT 7855P-268
29 Condensate Block APS 7855P-017
35 Bottom Wall Mount Bracket 7855P-092
37 CH Pressure Gauge 7855P-135

Water Piping Replacement Parts (Diagram 2)

Item # Description Part #
41 DHW Temperature Sensor 7855P-094
43 DHW Flow Sensor 7855P-083
44 Mixing Valve 7855P-043
59 CH Return Temperature Sensor 7855P-097
60 3 Way Valve Assembly 7855P-247
62 Internal Grundfos Pump / DHW Storage Pump 7855P-456

Heat Exchanger Replacement Parts (Diagram 3)

Item # Description Part #
63 Exhaust Temperature Sensor O-Ring 7855P-092
63-1 Exhaust Temperature Sensor 7855P-092
71 CH Supply Temperature Sensor 7855P-030
72 Water Level Detection Sensor (Low Water Cutoff) 7855P-029
74 Flame Sensor 7855P-031
76 Heat Exchanger Assembly 7855P-416
76-4 Ceramic Fiber Burner 7855P-420
76-5 Ignition Rod 7855P-607
76-6 Ignitor Gasket 7855P-252
76-7 Burner Overheat Switch 7855P-066
77 Condensate Trap Assembly 7855P-605

Combustion Chamber Replacement Parts (Diagram 4)

Item # Description Part #
83-1 Fan 7855P-025
88-3 Gas Valve 7855P-034


Cabinet Replacement Parts (Diagram 1)

EFT-199W Cabinet Replacement Parts


Water Piping Replacement Parts (Diagram 2)

EFT-199W Water Piping Replacement Parts



(Diagram 3):

EFT-199W Heat Exchanger Replacement Parts



(Diagram 4):

EFT-199W Combustion System Replacement Parts



Misc. Parts for Elite 199W Fire Tube Combi (Wall Mount)


  • Items not currently for sale on our site are listed below. If you need one of these parts, please Contact Us for price and availability.
  • Many of the items can be picked up at a local hardware store.


Cabinet Replacement Parts (Diagram 1)
Item # Description Part #
15 Exhaust Duct (Assembly) 7855P-002
15-1 Exhaust / Intake Duct Clamps 7855P-332
15-2 Exhaust / Intake Gasket 7855P-210
15-3 Exhaust Duct 7855P-333
15-4 Combustion Analyzer Port Plug O-Ring 7855P-334
15-5 Combustion Analyzer Port Plug 7855P-335
15-6 Intake / Exhaust Adapter O-Ring (85) 7855P-256
15-7 Exhaust Duct Inner Adapter 7855P-004
15-8 Exhaust Adapter O-Ring 7855P-254
16 Air Intake Assembly 7855P-411
16-1 Air Intake Cap 7855P-337
17 Air Vent 7855P-063
18 Air Vent Grommet 7855P-339
19 PRV Ring 7855P-269
19-1 PRV Rubber Pad 7855P-339
21 Control Panel Bracket 7855P-412
23 Display Panel Bracket 7855P-413
26 Terminal Block Bracket 7855P-271
27 Manual Power Switch 7855P-014
28 Terminal Block 6P - Combi 7855P-272
30 Front Cover 7855P-289
31 Display Panel Cover 7855P-023
32 Exhaust Adapter Gasket 7850P-041
33 Top Wall Mount Bracket 7850P-068
34 Cabinet 7855P-274
36 Wire Gland 7855P-348
Water Piping Replacement Parts (Diagram 2)
Item # Description Part #
38 DHW Outlet Pipe 7855P-275
38-1 3/4 in. Pipe Gasket 7855P-073
38-2 P-18 O-Ring 7855P-047
38-3 1/2 in. Pipe Clip 7855P-246
39 DHW Inner Block 7855P-251
39-1 P22A O-Ring 7855P-276
39-2 Pipe Adapter Clip 7855P-277
40 DHW Outlet Adapter 7855P-225
42 DHW Inlet Pipe 7855P-241
44-1 Flow Sensor Clip 7855P-278
44-2 P15 O-Ring 7855P-044
45 DHW Outer Block 7855P-259
46 DHW Inlet Filter Block 7855P-279
47 Flow Restrictor 7855P-280
48 DHW Inlet Filter 7855P-281
48-1 P20 O-Ring 7855P-282
49 DWH Inlet Block Cap 7855P-283
50 DHW Inlet Adapter 7855P-203
51 CH Block Cap 7855P-283
52 CH Return Block With Filter 7855P-248
52-2 P22 O-Ring 7855P-276
53 CH Return Block with Filter Clips 7855P-284
54 Pressure Gauge Clip 7855P-285
55 CH Return Adapter 7855P-227
56 Filter for CH Return Block 7855P-265
57 CH Filter Clip 7855P-286
58 CH Return Pipe 7855P-287
58-1 3/4 in. Pipe Gasket 7855P-073
60-1 P25 O-Ring 7855P-288
60-2 Pump Clip 7855P-263
61 CH Supply Lower Pipe 7855P-290
61-1 3/4 in. Pipe Gasket 7855P-073
Heat Exchanger Replacement Parts (Diagram 3)
Item # Description Part #
64 Exhaust Temperature Sensor Clip 7855P-349
65 Exhaust Pipe Assembly 7855P-415
66 Exhaust Pipe Gasket 7855P-418
67 Storage Tank Clamp 7855P-291
68 Storage Tank Bracket 7855P-292
69 CH Supply Pipe 7855P-293
69-1 3/4 in. CH Supply Pipe Gasket 7855P-073
69-2 1 in. CH Supply Pipe Gasket 7855P-074
70 Storage Tank 7855P-294
73 Flame Sensor Bracket 7855P-356
75 Flame Sensor Cover 7855P-357
76-1 Burner Body Assembly 7855P-417
76-2 Burner Body 7855P-606
76-3 Burner Gasket 7855P-419
76-8 Heat Exchanger Top 7855P-619
76-9 Burner Refractory 7855P-612
77-1 Condensate Trap O-Ring (P22A) 7855P-276
94 Sight Glass Assembly 7855P-401
Combustion System Replacement Parts (Diagram 4)
Item # Description Part #
78 Burner Inlet Chanel (with Damper) 7855P-424
79 Air Damper 7855P-618
80 Air Damper Guide 7855P-369
81 Fan Outlet Gasket 7855P-425
82 Burner Inlet Chanel Gasket 7855P-426
83 Fan and Mixer Assembly 7855P-427
83-2 Fan O-Ring 7855P-371
83-3 Air-Gas Mixer (Inner Part) 7855P-609
83-4 Air-Gas Mixer Gasket 7855P-428
83-5 Air-Gas Mixer (Outer Part) 7855P-608
84 Air Intake Hose Top Clamp 7855P-429
85 Air Intake Hose 7855P-430
86 Air Intake Hose Bottom Clamp 7855P-429
87 APS Hose Fitting 7855P-375
88 Gas Valve Assembly 7855P-431
88-1 Gas Valve Outlet Adapter 7855P-232
88-2 Gas Valve O-Ring 7855P-076
88-4 Gas Valve Bracket 7855P-436
89 1/2 in. Gas Pipe Gasket 7855P-221
90 Gas Orifice  
  - Natural Gas 8.3 mm 7855P-610
  - Propane (LP) 6.3 mm 7855P-435
91 Gas Pipe (to Mixer) 7855P-432
92 Gas Pipe (to Gas Valve) 7855P-295
93 Gas Inlet Adapter 3/4 in. 7855P-382

Nuts and Bolts (Not Shown)

Item # Description Part #
B-1 M3 X 6 PH + MS 7855P-384
B-2 M4 X 8 PH + Self Taping 7855P-385
B-3 M4 X 8 TH + Self Taping 7855P-386
B-4 M4 X 8 TH + MS 7855P-387
B-5 M4 X 10 FH + M/S 7855P-388
B-6 M4 X 10 TH + Self Taping 7855P-389
B-7 M4 X 10 TH + M/S 7855P-390
B-8 M4 X 10 Flat Head 7855P-391
B-9 M4 X 12 PH + M/S 7855P-392
B-10 M4 X 12 TH + M/S 7855P-393
B-11 M4 X 14 PH + Self Taping 7855P-394
B-12 M4 X 15 PW + M/S 7855P-395
B-13 M4 X 20 TH + Self Taping 7855P-396
B-14 M5 X 14 Flange Bolts M/S 7855P-397
B-15 M5 X 10 TH+ M/S 7855P-453
B-16 M4 X 9 PH.PW + Self Taping 7855P-296
N-1 M4 Nut 7855P-398
N-2 M5 Nut 7855P-399