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Parts for Elite EFT-285


Part # Description
7000P-805 Plastic Tubing - Pressure Switches
7250P-005 Gasket - Probes
7250P-059 Thermistor (with O-Ring)
7250P-154 S.S. Hose Barb (with O-Ring)
7250P-319 Outdoor Sensor
7250P-325 Indirect Tank Sensor
7250P-378 Fuse - 6.3A - Control Board
7250P-653 Ignitor Lead Cable
7250P-739 Flue Switch
7350P-021 Ignitor (with Gasket, Screws)
7350P-033 Gas Valve
7350P-066 Pressure Relief Valve
7350P-070 Field Connection Board
7350P-129 Fuse - 3.15A - Customer Connection Board
7350P-159 Combustion Blower Motor (with Gasket)
7450P-026 Flue Temperature Sensor
7450P-029 Venturi (with Gasket)
7450P-030 3 in. PVC Intake Adapter
7450P-115 Gasket - BSPP Connections
7450P-122 (same as 7600P-1105) 926 Control Board
(old # 7600P-045)
Combination Supply / High Temperature Switch
7500P-037 Condensate Outlet
7500P-067 6MM Nuts - Burner Door
7500P-075 Gasket - Blower to Air Channel
7500P-087 Power Switch
7500P-300 Universal Boiler Stand Kit
7600P-005 Display Assembly
7600P-006 Condensate Assembly
7600P-007 Water Pressure Switch

(new # 7450P-192)

Combination Supply / High Temperature Switch
7600P-060 3 / 4 in. PVC Exhaust Assembly
7600P-072 Sight Glass (with Gasket, Screws)
7600P-087 Flame Rectification Probe (with Gasket, Screws)
7600P-092 Heat Exchanger (with Insulation)
7600P-105 Gasket - Burner
7600P-110 Refractory - Burner Door
7600P-112 Gasket - Burner Door
7600P-114 Burner (with Gasket)
7600P-128 Front Cover Assembly
7600P-502 Pressure Switch (with Screws)
7600P-902 Supply Piping Assembly
7600P-904 Low Voltage Wiring Harness
7600P-906 120V Wiring Harness
7600P-908 Air Channel (with Gasket, Screws)
7600P-910 Burner Door
7600P-1105 (same as 7450P-122) 926 Control Board
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