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Parts for the Munchkin 80M Boiler, Revision 2

Part # Description
7000P-805 Plastic Tubing 3/16 in. ID (Blocked Vent Pressure Switch)
7250P-005 Gasket (Flame Rectification Probe/Spark Electrode)
7250P-019 ECO High Limit Sensor
7250P-069 Screw M4 X 8MM (Flame Rectification Probe/Spark Electrode)
7250P-080 Relief Valve
7250P-085 Combustion Blower (Blower Motor)
7250P-089 Thermodisc Flue 210 Degrees

LED Display Box with Ribbon Cable

  • Only if the main control board is 926.
7250P-096 Water Pressure Switch
7250P-150 Blocked Vent Pressure Switch
7250P-151 Steel Push Retainer (Thermodisc Flue ECO)
7250P-152 O-Ring 007 (Blocked Vent Pressure Switch)
7250P-153 S.S. Hex Nut 10-32 (Blocked Vent Pressure Switch)
7250P-160 Ceramic Target Wall
7250P-206 Screw Torx M5 X 22M (Air/Gas Channel to Burner Door)
7250P-210 Hose Clamp (Condensate Assembly)
7250P-221 Brass Nipple 1 X 1-1/4 X 3-3/4 in.
7250P-226 Blower Motor Gasket
7250P-235 Cabinet Cover
7250P-311 PVC Black Tubing 1/8 ID (thermodisc Flue ECO)

LED Display Box with Ribbon Cable

  • Only if the main control board is 925.
7250P-352 Control Board Hold Down Clips
7250P-378 Fuse (Control Board)
7250P-450 Dungs Gas Valve
7250P-478 Screw M5 x 14MM (Combustion Blower)
7250P-644 Gas Valve Adapter Plate (with Screws)
7250P-646 PVC Tee Sch. 40 3/4 in. (Condensate Assembly)
7250P-647 Poly Plug 3/4 in. NPT (Condensate Assembly)
7250P-648 PVC Nipple Sch. 80 3.4 in. NPT (Condensate Assembly)
7250P-649 Cable Clamp (Condensate Assembly)
7250P-653 Spark Cable
7250P-667 Thermistor
7250P-671 Cabinet Latch and Gasket Kit (with Screws)
7250P-673 Leveling Foot
7250P-684 Burner Door
7250P-685 Air/Gas Channel
7250P-696 5 Pin Wiring Harness
7250P-697 9 Pin Wiring Harness
7250P-700 Low Voltage Wiring Harness (10 Pin/20 Pin Main Wiring Harness, with Gas Valve Plug)
7250P-702 Burner Door Ceramic Refractory
7250P-704 Screw M4 X 8MM (Ceramic Target Wall)
7250P-705 Gas Piping Assembly (with Shut-Off Valve, Screws)
7250P-717 Screw M4 x 20MM - Gas Valve Adapter
7250P-724 Condensate Hose Assembly
(also use 7250P-1020)
926 Control Board Upgrade Kit
(Includes 926 Control Board (with Fuse) 7350P-008, Display Card and Ribbon Cable 7350P-009, Spark Cable 7250P-653, Hold Down Clips 7250P-352)
- For units with existing 925 Control Board (built prior to July, 2008), or to purchase all control board components in one kit
7250P-744 3 in. Vent Adapter
(also use 7250P-1200)
926 Control Board (with Fuse)
- For units built after July, 2008, or if the board has been previously upgraded from 925 to 926

Display Card and Ribbon Cable (without box)

  • Only if the main control board is 926.
7350P-020 Spark Electrode (with Gasket)
7350P-624 24VAC Gas Valve Coil Only - Grey (discontinued, please order the complete gas valve assembly)
7500P-016 NIT Burner
7500P-039 Flame Rectification Probe (with Gasket)
7500P-067 Nut M6 (Burner Door)
7500P-074 Gasket (Air/Gas Channel to Burner)
7500P-075 Gasket (Air/Gas Channel to Combustion Blower)
7500P-092 Swirl Plate
7500P-105 Screw M5 x 12MM (Gas Valve Adapter Plate)
7500P-109 Washer M4 (Ceramic Target Wall)
  See Accessories - PC connection, vent kits, mesh screens, etc.


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