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Parts for the Munchkin 199 VWH Boiler, Revision 2

  • Match the Item # on the chart with the same Item # indicated on one of the two line art diagrams below the chart.
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Expanded View (Diagram 1)

Item # Description Part #
1 Thermistor 7250P-667
2 Thermodisc Flue 210 Degrees 7250P-089
3 Steel Push Retainer (Thermodisc Flue ECO) 7250P-151
4 PVC Black Tubing 1/8 ID (Thermodisc Flue ECO) 7250P-311
5 Water Pressure Switch 7250P-096
6 ECO/High Limit Sensor 7250P-019
7 Gas Valve 7250P-452
8 Screws M4 x 25MM Allen Head 7250P-718
9 Swirl Plate - Black 7500P-093
10 Gas Valve Adapter Plate 7250P-644
11 Screw M5 x 12MM (Gas Valve Adapter Plate) 7250P-484*
12 Relief Valve 7250P-219
13 Brass Nipple 3/4 in. NPT x 3 in. SN1018*
14 Brass 90 Degree Elbow 3/4 in. NPT 7250P-313*
15 Combustion Blower (Blower Motor) 7250P-087
16 Screw M5 x 12MM (Combustion Blower) 7250P-478
17 Gasket (Air/Gas Channel to Combustion Blower) 7500P-075
18 Air/Gas Channel 7250P-687
19 Gasket (Flame Rectification Probe/Spark Electrode) 7250P-005
20 Spark Electrode (with Gasket) 7350P-020
21 Screw M4 X 8MM (Flame Rectification Probe/Spark Electrode) 7250P-069
22 Flame Rectification Probe (with Gasket) 7500P-039
23 Screw Torx M5 X 22M (Air/Gas Channel to Burner Door) 7250P-206
24 Gasket (Air/Gas Channel to Burner) 7500P-074
25 NIT Burner 7250P-117
26 Nut M6 (Burner Door) 7500P-067
27 Burner Door 7250P-684
28 Burner Door Ceramic Refractory 7250P-702
29 Screw M4 X 8MM (Ceramic Target Wall) 7250P-704
30 Washer M4 (Ceramic Target Wall) 7500P-109
31 Ceramic Target Wall 7250P-160
32 Screws M4 X 30MM Round Head (Gas Valve) N/A
33 Screws M4 x 12MM Allen Head N/A
34 Gas Valve Piping Assembly 7250P-705
35 Welded Module 7250P-300 (no longer available)
36 24VAC Gas Valve Coil Only - Grey 7350P-624

Side View / Control Board (Diagram 2)

Item # Description Part #
41 Blocked Vent Pressure Switch 7250P-150
42 Screw #8 x 1/2 in. (Blocked Vent Pressure Switch) 7250P-133*
43 Low Voltage Wiring Harness (10 Pin/20 Pin Main Wiring Harness, with Gas Valve Plug) 7250P-720*
44 9 Pin Wiring Harness 7250P-602
45 5 Pin Wiring Harness 7250P-721*
46 Control Board Mounting Panel (with Screws) 7250P-651*
47 Screw 1/4-20 X 1/2 in. (Control Board Mounting Panel) 7250P-184*
48 Control Board Hold Down Clips 7250P-352
49 926 Control Board (with Fuse)
- For units built after July, 2008, or if the board has been previously upgraded from 925 to 926
  926 Control Board Upgrade Kit
(Includes 926 Control Board (with Fuse) 7350P-008, Display Card and Ribbon Cable 7350P-009, Spark Cable 7250P-653, Hold Down Clips 7250P-352)
- For units with existing 925 Control Board (built prior to July, 2008), or to purchase all control board components in one kit
50 Fuse (Control Board) 7250P-378
51 Display Box for 925 Control Board 7250P-332
  Display Card for 926 Control 7350P-009
52 Electrical Box (with Screws, Covers) 7250P-707*
53 Screw #8 X 1/2 in. Self Tapping (Electrical Box) 7250P-133*
54 Flow Switch (with Paddle) 7250P-612
55 Flow Switch Paddle 7250P-593
56 Brass Tee 1-1/4 in. x 1-1/4 in. x 1 in. (Flow Switch) 7250P-589
57 Brass Nipple 1 in. X 1-1/4 in. X 3-3/4 in. 7250P-221
58 Cabinet Cover 7250P-231*
59 Cabinet Latch and Gasket Kit (with Screws) 7250P-671
60 Leveling Foot 7250P-673
61 Condensate Hose Assembly 7250P-724
62 PVC Nipple Sch. 80 3.4 in. NPT (Condensate Assembly) 7250P-648
63 Hose Clamp (Condensate Assembly) 7250P-210
64 PVC Tee Sch. 40 3/4 in. (Condensate Assembly) 7250P-646
65 Cable Clamp (Condensate Assembly) 7250P-649
66 Screw #8 X 1/2 in. Self Tapping (Condensate Assembly) 7250P-133*
67 Poly Plug 3/4 in. NPT (Condensate Assembly) 7250P-647
68 Band Clamp (Exhaust Assembly) CA2000
69 PVC Pipe Sch. 40 3 in. (Exhaust Assembly) 7250P-242*
70 S.S. Hex Nut 10-32 (Blocked Vent Pressure Switch) 7250P-153
71 O-Ring 007 (Blocked Vent Pressure Switch) 7250P-152
72 Hose Barb 1/4 X 10-32 (Blocked Vent Pressure Switch) 7250P-154
73 Plastic Tubing 3/16 in. ID (Blocked Vent Pressure Switch) 7000P-805
74 Circulator Pump - 1-1/4 in. 7250P-591
75 Mounting Flanges - 1-1/4 in. (set of two) 7250P-594


Expanded View (Diagram 1):


Munchkin 199VWH Parts Diagram


Side View / Control Board (Diagram 2):


Munchkin 199VWH Parts Diagram, Side Diagram


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