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Heat Transfer Products (HTP) Repair Parts - Beginning with 0000 to 6350P

Parts are listed in numerical order. Please click on a link below, or return to our HTP Parts Index.


Beginning with 0 to 5:

  • 006-BE4-1: Taco Bronze Circulator, 3/4 inch OD, 115 Volt, End Suction
  • 006-BT4: Taco Bronze Pump with 3/4 inch NPT Connection
  • 0206FF003: Carborundum 110V Ignitor
  • 11D18: White Rodgers Control 100 Degree to 240 Degree F.
  • 14T32: Thermodisc Close on Temp Rise 125 Degree F.
  • 2500-0056: Drain Valve
  • 3/4 LF40XL-5: 3/4 in. NPT 30 PSI Lead Free
  • 554200: Little Giant Condensate Pump


Beginning with 6040:


Beginning with 6040P:


Beginning with 6060:

  • 6060-200: Power Venter HS1 with Post-Purge for up to 135k BTU
  • 6060-201: Power Venter HS2 with Post-Purge for all Models over 135k BTU
  • 6060-202: VH1-4 Vent Termination for use with Power Venter HS1
  • 6060-203: VH1-6 Vent Termination for use with Power Venter HS2


Beginning with 6060P:


Beginning with 6070P:


Beginning with 6075P:


Beginning with 6300P:

    6300P-003: Burner Gasket
  • 6300P-004: Ignitor
  • 6300P-005: Burner EnduroTi 750 Model
  • 6300P-006: Burner EnduroTi 1000 Model
  • 6300P-008: Air/Gas Mixer
  • 6300P-009: Gas Valve
  • 6300P-018: Blower Gasket
  • 6300P-023: Vent Sensor
  • 6300P-030: Combustion Blower
  • 6300P-037: Fuse Field Connection Board- 2A
  • 6300P-047: Top Panel ETI 1000
  • 6300P-052: Side Rail ETI 1000
  • 6300P-076: 2 in. Water Manifold ETI 750 (replacement part for tandem kits)
  • 6300P-077: 2 1/2 in. Water Manifold ETI-1000 (replacement part for tandem kits)
  • 6300P-078: Gasket with Bolts 2-7/8 ID X 7 in. OD (replacement part for tandem kits)
  • 6300P-079: Gasket with Bolts 2-3/8 ID X 6 in. OD (replacement part for tandem kits)
  • 6300P-080: ETI-1500 Modular Tandem Kit / Water Manifold Common Vent
  • 6300P-081: ETI-2000 Modular Tandem Kit / Water Manifold Common Vent
  • 6300P-088: Modulating Damper (With Motor)
  • 6300P-089: Modulating Damper Motor Only
  • 6300P-090: ETI-750 Center Rail (replacement part for tandem kits)
  • 6300P-091: ETI-1000 Center Rail (replacement part for tandem kits)
  • 6300P-094: Reducing Tee 8 X 6 X 8 in. Pipe (replacement part for tandem kits)
  • 6300P-095: Elbow 90C 6 in. Pipe White PVC Unthreaded (replacement part for tandem kits)
  • 6300P-096: Reducer Coupling 8 X 6 in. SCH40 White PVC (replacement part for tandem kits)
  • 6300P-984: System Sensor Harnes Enduro TI (replacement part for tandem kits)
  • 6300P-990: Flow Switch
  • 6300P-991: High/Low Gas Pressure Switch Kit
  • 6300P-998: Manual Reset High Temp


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