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ATS (Aqua Treatment Service) (ATS) UV Service Kits

  • See also Misc. UV Parts for ballasts, control boards, fuses, etc.
  • We only sell genuine Aqua Treatment parts. Don't be fooled by cheap imported knock-offs that don't last and don't provide proper protection!


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SL-2 Service Kit
For 2 GPM Units
Kit includes (1) ATS2-330 bulb, (1) ATS1-1375D quartz sleeve, (2) ATS8-544 o-rings
DWS-7 , GDS-7, PFC-7, SE-7 Service Kit
For 7 GPM Units
Kit includes (1) ATS1-805 bulb, (1) ATS6-211 quartz sleeve, (2) ATS8-544 o-rings
GDS-8E, PFC-8E, SL-8, SL-8V, SE-8V and EV-8E Service Kit
For 8 GPM Units
Kit includes (1) ATS4-450 bulb, (1) ATS-476D quartz sleeve, (2) ATS8-544 o-rings
GDS-12E, PFC-12E, EV-12E Service Kit
For 12 GPM Units
Kit includes (1) ATS4-739 bulb, (1) ATS-1-759D quartz sleeve, (2) ATS8-544 o-rings
GDS-15, PFC-15, DWS-15, SE-15 Service Kit
For 15 GPM Units
Kit includes (1) ATS8-246 bulb, (1) ATS6-608 quartz sleeve, (2) ATS8-544 o-rings
GDS-20E, PFC-20E, EV-20E Service Kit
For 20 GPM Units
Kit includes (1) ATS4-810 bulb, (1) ATS-832D quartz sleeve, (2) ATS8-544 o-rings
DWS-25, IND-25, SE-24 Service Kit
For 25 GPM Units
Kit includes (2) ATS8-246 bulbs, (2) ATS6-608D quartz sleeves, (4) ATS8-544 o-rings
Service Kits for IC Units:
For 12 GPM IC Units
For 20 GPM IC Units