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Bock Water Heaters & Storage TanksBock Water Heaters & Storage Tanks

Multipurpose water and heat options for your home!

Use the links below to select the Bock Water Heater just for you, or contact us to help you make the right choice. Bock water heaters and storage tanks are perfect for all residential applications, particularly those with high-volume hot water demands. Today's homes not only require a dependable and economic hot water source for traditional uses like dishwashing, laundering and cleaning, but also one that offers fast recoveries to meet the demands of more sophisticated shower systems and whirlpools.

By ordering any Bock Water Heater, you are certifying that it will be installed by a reputable, licensed contractor, and that you agree with all terms as set forth by JupiterHeating.com and the manufacturer.

Bock Residential / Commercial Water Heaters

Bock Oil-Fired Water Heater

Oil Fired Water Heaters
Providing quality in construction, efficiency in performance and durability in operation has earned Bock a bit of a reputation: they're recognized as the leader in oil-fired water heaters.

Bock Power Gas and Oil Fired Water Heater

Natural Gas / Propane Water Heaters
Fan-assisted burners offer increased recovery rates, clean combustion and higher efficiencies.



Bock Anode Rods
Replacement anode rods for the most common Bock Water Heater Tanks.


Bock Power Gas and Oil Fired Water Heater

ezFIT Atmospheric Gas Water Heaters
Ideal for large residences, small restaurants, apartment buildings, office complexes, dairy barns, salons, barbershops, and many other facilities.

Bock Power Gas and Oil Fired Water Heater

Bock Replacement Tanks
Are your E or PG series water heater's burner and controls still in great shape, and you just want to replace the tank?
Bock Storage Tanks

Hot Water Storage Tanks

Standard Glass-Lined Storage Tanks
Doesn't it make sense that the best constructed water heater would start with the best constructed storage tank?

Hot Water Storage Tanks

Indirect Water Heaters (Coil Tank)
Bock’s SideKick™Indirect Coil Tank water heaters, offer a cost-effective water heating alternative. These units use indirect water-to-water heat transfer by circulating boiler-fed hot water through a coil inside the water tank. Ideal for applications that use boilers for space heating.

EnviroStor Solar-Heater Indirect Water Storage with Suplemental Electric Heat
A storage tank ideal for solar heating applications. Includes a 4500W electric heating element.

EnviroStor Solar-Heater Water Storage with Suplemental Electric Heat
A storage tank ideal for solar heating applications. Includes a 4500W electric heating element.

Bock Commercial Water Heaters


Bock Large Capacity (Heavy Commercial & Industrial) Water Heaters

Bock Repair Parts



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  • Bock Water Heater Engineering Manual (with Sizing Charts (1.7 MB Adobe PDF)
  • Read a lengthy list of Frequently Asked Questions about Bock Water Heaters, as well as help on removing water heater anode rods or banishing smelly water.


    Why You Deserve the Best

    There's a Bock oil-fired water heater precisely right for your residential requirements. Every unit features the extraordinary efficiencies of Our exclusive TURBOFLUE® construction, and C-glass® our unique corrosion resistant porcelain tank lining.

    Bock's 30 gallon residential heaters have proven efficiency ratings to be the best in the industry. Our efficient oil-fired heaters provide average and large households with all the hot water needed daily with dependability and trouble-free performance year after year. We offer many different types of models suitable for smaller uses and also for larger homes or commercial applications. All models are specifically designed for applications depending on the gallons or multiple needs of hot water.

    TurboFlueThe Bock residential water heaters have a 5-year limited warranty. Water heaters used in a commercial environment obtain a 3-year limited warranty. BCS™ (Balanced Combustion System™) models available 32E, 40E, 51E, 120E, 190E.


    Bock Water Heaters

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