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ATS (Aqua Treatment Service) GDS-20 Parts & Options

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GDS-8 Parts List

Item # Description Part #
1 Domed Quartz Sleeve ATS-832D
2 UV Bulb ATS4-810
3, 4, 5 Standard Lens Kit (includes Sightport Nut, Lens, and Viewport O-Ring) ATS-5177
6 Lock Nut ATS5-410
7 Quartz Sleeve Black 1.2 in. OD O-Ring ATS8-544
8 End Nut ATS5-414
9 20 Gallon Per Minute Bottom Feed Assembled Chamber STS-20GPM*
10 Bottom Mounting Bracket ATS-271*
11 Top Mounting Bracket ATS-270*
12 Flow Control ATS-20GPM
13 GDS Control Box ATS-GDS

Service Kit


GDS-20 Service Kit



Aqua Treatment GDS-20 Parts



Control Box Parts List

  Description Part #
1 GDS Control Box Front Cover ATS-GDSF*
2 ATS-281P Circuit Board ATS-281P
3 Plastic Control Box Back Plate ATS-PBBP*
4 Power Cord ATS-4003*
5 Molded Lamp Cord 03-SA-015*
6 Fuse 07-00017
7 Ballast - Metal ATS1-421-GDS
  Ballast - Plastic ATS1-421P-GDS


Aqua Treatment GDS Control Box