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Aqua Treatment Ultraviolet Drinking Water Systems & UV Bulbs

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Aqua Treatment ATS UV Bulbs and Supplies
Aqua Treatment Drinking Water Systems

Safe Lite Series Ultraviolet Drinking Water System
(2 GPM - 8 GPM)
Enviro-Safe Ultraviolet Drinking Water System
The EV Series has been changed to the GDS Series (product information and pricing coming soon)

DWS, GDS and PFC Series Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems
(7 - 15 GPM, 1 lamp)

Aqua Treatment Commercial UV Drinking Water Systems

DWS Commerical Ultraviolet Drinking Water System
(25 - 550 GPM, 2 - 24 lamps)
Aqua Treatment UV Air Purification Systems

AirPro Air Purification