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Parts for the Elite EL-150 Boiler


Part # Description
7000P-805 Plastic Tubing
7100P-044 NPT X Hose Barb Fitting
7100P-140 Flexible Gas Line
7250P-005 Gasket - Probe/Electrode
7250P-069 Screw M4 X 8MM - Probe/Electrode
7250P-080 Pressure Relief Valve- 0-30 PSI, 510,000 BTU
7250P-096 Water Pressure Switch - NPT Thread
7250P-150 Pressure Switch
7250P-152 O-Ring - Hose Barb
7250P-152 O-Ring - Hose Barb
7250P-153 S.S. 10-32 Hex Nut
7250P-154 Hose Barb
7250P-154 S.S. Hose Barb - Blocked Vent Pressure Switch
7250P-160 Ceramic Target Wall
7250P-206 M5 x 14MM Torx Screws - Air Channel
7250P-210 Hose Clamp
7250P-211 Temperature/Pressure Gauge - 0-60 PSI, 0-250° F
7250P-219 Pressure Relief Valve- 0-125 PSI, 200,000 BTU
7250P-352 Control Board Hold Down Clips
7250P-378 Fuse - Control Board - 6.3 Amps
7250P-478 M5 x 12MM Socket Cap Screw
7250P-499 Temperature/Pressure Gauge - 0-200 PSI, 60-320° F
7250P-653 Spark Cable
7250P-667 Thermistor
7250P-704 M4 x 8 Flat Head Screw - Target Wall
7250P-739 ECO Flue Switch - 160 Degrees
7350P-020 Spark Electrode (with Gasket)
7350P-022 Flame Rectification Probe (with Gasket)
7350P-066 Pressure Relief Valve- 0-80 PSI, 1,400,000 BTU
7350P-070 Field Connection Board
7350P-129 Fuse - Field Connection Board - 3.15 Amps
7350P-167 Condensate Overflow Switch
7350P-624 24VAC Gas Valve Coil Only - Grey (discontinued, please order the complete gas valve assembly)
7450P-003 Boiler Module
7450P-005 Burner Door Insulation
7450P-007 Air Channel
7450P-011 Burner
7450P-018 Membrane Switch Bracket
7450P-021 Membrane Touchpad
7450P-024 Air/Gas Mixer
7450P-025 Gas Valve
7450P-026 Flue Thermistor
7450P-028 Display Board
7450P-030 Air Inlet Adapter
7450P-086 1/2 in. NPT X 3/4 PVC Sweat Adapter
7450P-094 Condensate Collector Assembly
7450P-115 6-32 X 1/4 Pad Head Screw - Electronic Boards
7450P-115 Washer - Air/Gas Mixer
(also use 7450P-1102)
926 Control Board
7450P-141 Screws - Air/Gas Mixer
7450P-142 6-32 Flanged Nut - Pressure Switch
7450P-154 Flare X NPT Fitting
7450P-184 Pressure Relief Valve- 0-50 PSI, 950,000 BTU
7450P-192 Thermistor/Water Temp Switch
7450P-197 Air Release Vent
7450P-199 1/4 in. NPT Nipple
7450P-200 Condensate Collector Unit
7450P-201 Exhaust Adapter
7450P-204 120V Wiring Harness
7450P-223 Gas Conversion Kit - Natural Gas to Propane
7450P-224 Gas Conversion Kit - Propane to Natural Gas
7450P-271 Flue Bracket
7450P-280 Thermistor (VWH only)
7450P-281 Thermistor/Water Temp Switch (VWH only)
7450P-282 Clamp All - Exhaust Vent Adapter
7450P-287 Customer Connection Board Shield
7450P-300 Burner Door
7450P-901 Flue Kit
(also use 7450P-122)
926 Control Board
7500P-031 Combustion Blower
7500P-057 Condensate Hose
7500P-067 M6 Nut - Burner Door
7500P-074 Gasket - Burner
7500P-075 Gasket - Air Channel/Blower
7500P-109 M4 Flat Washer - Target Wall
7500P-300 Universal Boiler Stand Kit
7700P-002 1/2 in. NPT Nut
  See Accessories - PC connection, vent kits, mesh screens, etc.