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Munchkin Gas Boilers

The Munchkin is one of the most compact and efficient heaters available on the market today. Each Munchkin heater will modulate its firing rate to match the energy needs of the living space. This feature provides additional savings versus traditional single firing heaters.

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Munchkin Boilers

Munchkin Contender Boiler

Munchkin Contender
Today's customers are making higher demands regarding ease of operation and energy consumption. High efficiency condensing technology is the efficient solution. Heat Transfer introduces the 21st century solution, the Munchkin Contender Condensing Gas Fired Heater. Munchkin Contender is not only easy to install, but is highly efficient and will provide years of service free operation.

Munchkin Boiler

Munchkin Repair Parts

The Elite Boiler The Elite Boiler
The Elite Heating Boiler from HTP represents the latest advancements in low-mass modulating condensing boiler technology. With best-in-class features throughout the design, the Elite Heating Boiler is the most efficient product in the market at a competitive price. Its aesthetic appeal, versatility, and serviceability make it the right choice for residential and light commercial hydronic space heating.
SuperStor Water Heaters

SuperStor Ultra

SuperStor Ultra Stainless Steel Indirect Water Heater
Heat Transfer Products' years of experience in manufacturing and designing indirect systems have culminated in the development of the SuperStor Ultra Stainless Steel Water Heater. The Ultra's high output heat exchanger is engineered to accept a higher volume of heated boiler water with minimal pressure drop, which increases the Ultra's capability to produce large amounts of hot water.

SuperStor Contender Glass-Lined Water Heater

SuperStor Contender Glass-Lined Water Heater
The SuperStor Contender Glass-Lined Water Heater is engineered with the highest standards the industry can offer. Each unit is designed to deliver a high volume of domestic hot water, the highest insulation standards and maintenance free operation for many years.


The Munchkin Boiler Heat Exchanger

Above is an illustration of the Munchkin all stainless steel heat exchanger which shows how the 92% AFUE system works. The burner is located in the center of the stainless steel heat exchanger tubes which transfer the heated energy from the flame directly into the primary combustion chamber. From there, the cooled gases are diverted to the secondary section of the heat exchanger to extract the remaining energy out of the gases before exiting the heat exchanger. Condensation forms in the back section where the last remaining levels of energy are absorbed into the secondary section. The Munchkin extracts so much of the heated energy that the 2000 degree heated gas exits the Munchkin all stainless steel heat exchanger at 120 degrees, which allows the system to be vented in plastic PVC piping! This is why the Munchkin pays for itself after two to three years of operation. The Munchkin keeps money in your pocket versus traditional systems as energy costs continue to increase.

Munchkin Boiler