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Munchkin Boiler Parts

We stock the most common Munchkin Boiler repair parts, vent kits, etc. Other Munchkin parts can be special ordered.

If you already know your part number, several of the main Munchkin parts are sorted sequentially in the left column on this page. Otherwise, in the right column choose your boiler's model number for the appropriate parts list (your model number and version can be located on your unit).


Go directly to a part (sorted numerically):

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Munchkin Boiler, R1
(Revision 1)
Built from 11/02/02 to 12/19/06

Munchkin Boiler, R2
(Revision 2)

Built after 1/4/07

Munchkin Boiler, Honeywell
Pre-925 Controller

Built prior to 11/02/02

Munchkin VWH Hot Water Supply Boiler
(Volume Water Heater)

Munchkin Contender
MC Series


Other HTP Lines:

Elite Boiler

Elite VWH Volume Water Heater

Elite EFT Boiler

Elite Plus Boiler

Elite Premier Boiler



Getting an error code on your display? Here are common Munchkin Error Codes and their Remedies.