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Boilers - Natural Gas, Propane, and Oil Fired

We carry a wide variety of boiler systems for residential, commercial and industrial hydronic heating. Radiant heating provides higher efficiencies, with increased comfort, compared to most forced-air furnaces.

By ordering any boiler, you are certifying that it will be installed by a reputable, licensed contractor, and that you agree with all terms as set forth by JupiterHeating.com and the manufacturer.


Gas-Fired Boilers
Elite Premier Boiler Elite Premier Boiler
The Elite Premier is a low mass boiler with a 316L stainless steel heat exchanger. This versatile unit has an impressive range, with seven models reaching up to 399,000 BTUs. This floor standing or wall mount system is good for both residential and commercial applications. It is 96% efficient with a 10 to 1 turndown ratio.


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HTP and Munchkin Boiler Parts
We are your top source for Munchkin and Contender (MC Series) parts.


Slant/Fin Boilers

Slant/Fin Boilers:


Oil-Fired Boilers

Slant/Fin Boilers

Slant/Fin Boilers:

Electic Boilers

slant/fin eh monitron electric boiler

Slant/Fin Monitron EH Series Boiler
Type: Hot Water
Capacity: 27,000 - 137,000 BTU Input