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Parts for the Munchkin 80M Boiler, Honeywell Series (Pre-925/926 Controller)

  • This series of the 80M Munchkin Boiler (Pre-925/926 Controller) has a manufacture date prior to 11/02/02.
  • Match the Item # on the chart with the same Item # indicated on the line art diagram below the chart.
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Item # Description Part #
1 Blower Motor (with Gasket) 7250P-085
2 Transformer 7250P-022

Control Board Upgrade Kit

  • Includes 926 Control Board, Display and all components required to replace the original Honeywell board.
  • The previous part number for the board was 7250P-009, but is now obsolete.
  • If the board has previously been replaced in the past with a 925 or a 926 board, order 926 Control Board, part # 7250P-731.
R17250P-429 (new # 0R17250P1100)
4 Gas Valve (Use Dungs Gas Valve 7250P-450 with Gas Valve Conversion Kit 7250P-645) 7250P-038 (Discontinued)
5 Electric Switch Box  
6 Thermistor Inlet/Outlet 7250P-059
7 Water Pressure Switch 7250P-081
8 Air Pressure Switch 7250P-147
9 T& P Valve 7250P-080
10 ECO / High Limit Sensor 7250P-019
11 Thermodisc Temperature Switch - 210 Degree 7250P-089
12 Spark Electrode 7250P-058
13 Burner 7250P-042, new # 7250P-248
14 Flame Rectification Probe (with Gasket) - aka Flame Rectifier 7250P-049
Other Parts: (not shown)
  Gasket for Spark Electrode and Flame Rectification Probe 7250P-005
  Spark Ignition Cable 7250P-017
  Eco Cable 7250P-018
  Inlet Temp Probe Cable 7250P-020
  Line Cable 7250P-023
  Thermostat Cable 7250P-024
  Low Voltage Cable 7250P-025
  Pump Cable 7250P-026
  Honeywell Venturi (Use Dungs Gas Valve 7250P-450 with Gas Valve Conversion Kit 7250P-645) 7250P-035 (Discontinued)
  Screw for Spark Electrode and Flame Rectification Probe 7250P-069
  Burner Gasket 7250P-070
  EBM Blower Cable 7250P-090
  Honeywell Gas Valve Conversion Kit (Natural Gas to Propane) 7250P-138
  Burner Door 7250P-169
  Burner Door Screws (Self Tapping) 7250P-204
  Temperature / Pressure Gauge 7250P-211
  Blower Motor Gasket 7250P-226


Munchkin Parts Diagram