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HTP Part 7250P-091: Display Module for 926 Control Board

Munchkin 7250P-091 926 Control Board

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This is the display module for Munchkin Boilers with a 926 Control Board (generally manufactured after 6/30/08). This is the component that has an LED readout and reset button, and fastens to the actual control board with the ribbon cable.

This display module is only replaced if your 926 control board is working properly, but the display is not functioning. Please note that it is common for customers to mistakenly order this display box and ribbon cable believing that they are ordering the control board for their boiler.

In fact, the control board is the brain of the boiler, and this display box is a "slave" used to communicate with the actual control board. If you are having controller problems, you more than likely need to replace the actual Control Board.

If you need the display module for a 925 Control Board, the card inside the box and the ribbon cable are completely different. For a 925 Display Module, this part is discontinued and is no longer available. Please upgrade to the 926 Board Kit to replace this part.

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Display Module for 926 Control Board