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SuperStor Contender Glass-Lined Indirect Water Heater

SuperStor Contender Glass-Lined Water Heater

The SuperStor Contender Glass-Lined Indirect Water Heater is engineered with the highest standards the industry can offer. Each unit is designed to deliver a high volume of domestic hot water, the highest insulation standards and maintenance free operation for many years.

Our unique smooth surface coil design will resist lime build up, which can reduce the performance of the heater over its service life. Our unique plastic outer jacket will maintain its appearance without rusting. The extra thick insulation over 2 inch thickness, will save wasted energy normally lost by conventional fiberglass insulation.

Environmentally friendly water blown foam is safe for the environment and provides added value in energy savings with each SuperStor Contender Water Heater, which is backed by a 7-year manufacturer's warranty.

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SuperStor Contender SSC-50
50 Gallon Glass-Lined Indirect Water Heater
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SuperStor Contender SSC-80
80 Gallon Glass-Lined Indirect Water Heater
SuperStor Contender Indirect SSC-119
119 Gallon Glass-Lined Water Heater
Additional Equipment for the Superstor Contender
Replacement "Sausage Link" Anode Rod (SSC-50, 80, 119) 6075P-044
Thermostat Thermidisc (All Models) TD1010 (now use 6060P-1009)
Superstor Relief Valve - 3/4 inch - 100XL-3
(35, 50, 80 & 119 gallon)
Drain Valve (All Models) SN1002


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Shipping for unit is $200 to anywhere in the continental United States (multiple units are shipped at no additional charge).  The rate is based on residential delivery with a liftgate.  This unit is strapped onto a pallet and shipped via LTL to minimize risk of shipping damage.  Shipping savings may by possible for commercial delivery, or for not needing a liftgate. Contact Us for a custom shipping quote if any of those situations apply, or if you are located outside the continental United States.

Superstor Contender