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Heat Transfer Products (HTP) Repair Parts - Beginning with 7855P

Parts are listed in numerical order. Please click on a link below, or return to our HTP Parts Index.


Beginning with 7855P-0xx:


Beginning with 7855P-1xx:


Beginning with 7855P-2xx:


Beginning with 7855P-3xx:


Beginning with 7855P-4xxx:

  • 7855P-401: Sight Glass for EFTC Units
  • 7855P-404: Main Control Board (UFT-175)
  • 7855P-405: Main Control Board (UFT-199)
  • 7855P-408: Control Board - CGH199W
  • 7855P-415: Exhaust Pipe Assembly UFT175W, UFT199W
  • 7855P-416: Heat ExchangerAssembly (UFT 175/199)
  • 7855P-417: Burner Body Assembly UFT175W, UFT199W (no longer available)
  • 7855P-418: Exhaust Pipe Gasket UFT175/199
  • 7855P-419: Burner Gasket UFT 199
  • 7855P-420: Ceramic Fiber Burner EFTC199 Floor and Wall and UFT 175,199 (new # 7855P-438)
  • 7855P-424: Burner Inlet Channel with Damp.
  • 7855P-425: UFT Fan Outlet Gasket
  • 7855P-426: UFT Burner Inlet Channel Gasket
  • 7855P-427: Fan & Mixer Assembly UFT175W-1
  • 7855P-429: Air Intake Hose Clamp 75-100MM
  • 7855P-430: Air Intake Hose 175/199 Models
  • 7855P-431: Gas Valve Assembly UFT 175W
  • 7855P-435: Gas Orifice (LP) 6.3mm UFT 175
  • 7855P-438: Ceramic Fiber Burner EFTC199 Floor and Wall and UFT 175,199 (old # 7855P-420)
  • 7855P-450: UFT Replacement Parts Kit
  • 7855P-451: EFT Combi Replacement Parts Kit
  • 7855P-455: Internal Pump - 199 Floor Only
  • 7855P-456: Internal Pump - 199 Wall Only
  • 7855P-459: EFTC-140W LP to Natural Gas Conversion Kit
  • 7855P-460: EFTC, UFT, RGH 199K BTU LP to Natural Gas Conversion Kit
  • 7855P-473: Display Panel - UFT (old # 7855P-344)
  • 7855P-474: Ceramic Fiber Burner EFTC140 Floor and Wall and UFT 80,100,120,140 (oldpart number 7855P-069)


Beginning with 7855P-5xx:


Beginning with 7855P-6xx:

Beginning with 7865P-0xx:

  • 7865P-032: Display Panel - EFT Combi (old # 7855P-012)
  • 7865P-033: UFT Flapper Hybrid (old # 7855P-618)


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